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Women-led NFT Collective: We make art to empower and educate 💪🏼​


The Women Collective is here to raise awareness about taboo topics all around woman and motherhood.

Our Vision

We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. To achieve that we need a change of mindset. That is why we talk about taboo topics or things that are kept silent all around woman and motherhood.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take action to increase diversity in the NFT space, educate and to onboard women, mothers + non-binary people to create equal opportunities for everyone.

Our Process

We have already donated to NGOs related to women's rights, bought into women-led NFT projects and we support and raise our voice for underrepresented people in the web3 space.

what makes us different

The values we live by

Creativity & disruption

We are not just a PFP project, our NFTs transport a message and a mission: We want to disrupt and change the narrative.

Integrity & trust

We are not here for the quick flip or to create fomo. We are here for the long run. We believe that female empowerment happens in many ways and web3 is the perfect place to change the future for the better.

Community first

We value our community and they have a big say in our project. Only together we are strong.


Be kind. Always. So are we.

Going the extra mile

We are still very early in web3 which also means that we are the ones to pave the paths. Yay!


To give back to our holders we only do collabs with web2 and web3 brands which bring high value. Perk shop will open when 50% of the mint is sold.

Your questions answered

Common questions

The Genesis Collection with 48 NFTs was minted in February 2022 and was very successful in terms of being a niche in a niche collection. In April 2022 we minted 333 NFTs directly on OpenSea. Unfortunately we had issues in editing the Smart Contract and organizing the properties, that is why we decided to take down the collection and remint it on our own Smart Contract. 
All holders who have minted from this collection will get their NFT from the new contract airdropped.

With the Divine Feminine Access Pass you will get PRE-SALE ACCESS to future mints from The Women Collective at a lower price than public sale + much more! 

Yes! We appreciate it so much that you believed and invested in us from the very beginning. That is why you got a Divine Feminine Access Pass for free and will also have a free mint from our new upcoming collection. Also, we have a lot of perks awaiting for you which will unveil when 50% of the new collection is sold. 

The raw motherhood collection

Sneak Peeks


the Founder & artist

Olivia is a digital artist and founder of The Women Collective. Art is therapy for her and was a way to heal & express herself after a cancer diagnosis. Her mission is to disrupt with her art and make taboo topics about women’s health visible. Together with her husband and their 3 small children they travel the world and are still looking for the perfect place to settle down.
Olivia Soland

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